In medical news:

Two Sedgwick executives penned a piece about the effectiveness of acupuncture for workers’ comp claims. Dr. Teresa Bartlett, senior vice president of medical quality at Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. and George Furlong, senior vice president of managed care program outcomes analysis, explain that “Acupuncture is a tool that is more often seen in the nation’s western states. Culturally, members of this area have more readily embraced the mind and body concept, and they tend to turn more quickly to complementary integrative medicine approaches. A body of clinically relevant research is emerging that suggests acupuncture has a role in the overall healing process.” Bartlett and Furlong go on to suggest that acupuncture could help claimants understand the difference between the short term relief of opioid therapy versus “progression and recovery” as a process.

Read the article here.

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