In Memoriam: David Lawrence, LASIE Board Member and Comp Community Expert

LASIE board member and Treasurer David L. Lawrence, age 59, of Porter, Texas, passed away at his home on Monday, August 18, 2014. David worked for the Union Tank Car Company for 31 years and lived for six years in Alexandria, Louisiana, overseeing a $100 million project in our state. His most recent position with Union Tank Car in Texas was as Personnel Manager, Safety Director and Union Negotiator.

Lawrence was also active in other arenas. In his hometown of Marion, Ohio he worked as both an EMT and a firefighter. During his time in Alexandria, he was a church deacon and served on the board of Alexandria Hospital. Lawrence was also a seasoned referee and umpire for various football, softball and baseball leagues.

Lawrence was remembered with great fondness by his fellow LASIE board members. Mark Tullis, Administrator of LCI Workers’ Comp explained, “At LASIE board meetings Dave brought to the table the important perspective of the large national individual self-insured.” Additionally Tullis added, “And Dave did so with gusto and strength, always the one to ask the tough questions. Because Dave had a national perspective he could cite easily state by state workers’ comp results and in many of these comparisons Louisiana did not fare well.”

dave lawrence 4

Lawrence (at left)

However, while Lawrence certainly utilized his national perspective, he was also a locally minded man, who cared about his community and made his business life neighborly.

Denise Wrenn, current President of LASIE, remembered Lawrence as a conjunction of these two roles. Wrenn said, “I first met Dave Lawrence through our mutual association with LASIE and soon discovered two things: first, we were neighbors, and second, we were both passionate about the right to self-insure. His leadership in exploring issues that affect both self-insurance generally and workers’ compensation in Louisiana specifically, was unparalleled. As Board members, we could visit about happening in our neighborhood and also brainstorm about our efforts in LASIE. He will be missed.”

Read his full obituary from the online news outlet of his hometown of Marion, Ohio here.