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The U.S. Attorney’s office announced late last week that an adjuster formerly under the employ of Gallagher Bassett has settled wire fraud charges for $1.5 million, after admitting that she helped a former New York Giants player receive fraudulent workers’ comp benefits. The statement explains that, in 2006, the former NFL player “filed a worker’s compensation claim against the Giants for cumulative stress injuries sustained while playing football, in part, in California. In November 2010, the claim was settled for $300,000. However, after his claims had been settled [the athlete] prepared and filed numerous additional requests for reimbursement under his closed claim between late 2010 and June 2011. He prepared fictitious invoices and statements from medical providers for medical services purportedly provided to him and fictitious credit collection notices from collection agencies purportedly seeking payment for past due medical bills. He sent the fictitious invoices, statements, and credit collection letters to his co-defendant adjuster who had Gallagher Bassett checks made out to him. In total, [the claimant] received more than $1,588,000 in fraudulent benefits.”

Read the entire statement here. Read further coverage via Business Insurance here.

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