In national news:

NPR/ProPublica have added another piece to their ongoing series called “Insult to Injury” about the state of workers’ comp benefits on a national level. The latest investigation (“Opting-Out: Inside Corporate America’s Push to Ditch Workers’ Comp”) focuses on the opt-out movement and the efforts of a Dallas-based attorney, Bill Minick, to replace state workers’ comp with opt-out plans written and managed by his company, PartnerSource. NPR/ProPublica journalists found that PartnerSource holds a massive market share in new opt-out state Oklahoma and a significant chunk in Texas. Minick is linked to organizations aiming to extend opt-out to other states, and his wife, a doctor, is frequently contracted to perform exams on injured workers for PartnerSource’s client companies. PartnerSource’s plans contain restrictions not seen in state workers’ comp laws, including extremely strict reporting requirements and caps on medical care.

Read the article here.

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