In national news:

Florida and Ohio legislators are poised to issue regulations governing Uber and other ride services that would designate all drivers as independent contractors. The states would join North Carolina, Arkansas, and Indiana in requiring the contractor designation as part of new laws governing so-called transportation network companies, according to a Reuters report. Uber’s business model pivots upon the drivers’ independent status. In related news, the class action suit against Uber, currently underway in the California Bay Area, has expanded. The drivers can now seek expense reimbursement, in addition to their claims for tips that are already part of the case headed for trial next year. U.S. District Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco also permitted potentially tens of thousands of drivers who had previously been excluded from the class action to join. The case (O’Connor v. Uber Technologies Inc.) could have vast implications for Uber’s growth and ability to operate if Judge Chen finds that the drivers should receive employee benefits, workers’ comp potentially among them.

Read more about the Florida and Ohio moves from Reuters via Business Insurance here. Read further coverage of the California case from Insurance Journal here.

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