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A federal judge sentenced former California state Senator Leland Yee to five years in prison after he acknowledged accepting thousands of dollars in bribes, including monies for voting in favor of a workers’ comp bill. At the sentencing hearing, Yee said that he “takes full responsibility for this…I accept my crimes.” Yee and his co-defendants pleaded guilty in federal court in San Francisco last July, in connection with the 66-year-old’s campaigns for a mayoral office and the Secretary of State post. According to a report, the federal indictments included accusations that Yee took bribes in exchange for voting for bills that favored his contributors. One bill involved regulations for medical marijuana, a second extended the life of the California State Athletic Commission, and a third prevents pro football players on non-California teams from filing workers’ compensation claims for their injuries. In a sting described in the indictment, an undercover agent told a Yee associate that the owner of a National Football League team was prepared to contribute $60,000 to Yee if he would support the comp bill.

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