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The Florida Supreme Court ruled yesterday in the high profile Castellanos v. Next Door Co. case, saying that the state’s mandatory attorneys’ fee schedule for workers’ compensation cases is unconstitutional under both Florida’s and the U.S. constitution as a violation of due process. The 55-page decision, written primarily by Justice Pariente, reads in part: “Through the 2009 enactment of a mandatory fee schedule the Legislature has created an irrebuttable presumption that every fee calculated in accordance with the fee schedule will be reasonable to compensate the attorney for his or her services. The $1.53 hourly rate in this case clearly demonstrates that not to be true […] in reality the system has become increasingly complex to the detriment of the claimant, who depends on the assistance of a competent attorney to navigate the thicket.” Two justices dissented from the majority.

Further, the court moved in another key pending workers’ comp matter, issued an order changing jurisdiction and declining to rule in Stahl v. Hialeah Hospital, for which the justices heard oral arguments earlier this month.

Read further coverage from Insurance Journal here. Read the decision in full: FL Supreme Court Castellanos v. Next Door

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