In national news:

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has vetoed a cancer presumption bill for firefighters in his state. HB 216 would have allowed firefighters to bring occupational disease workers’ comp claims for cancer, if they can prove its link to their work by a preponderance of the evidence. In Governor Deal’s veto statement, he explains, “I am concerned that codifying an exception for one occupation at this relatively low standard of proof with no time limitation on diagnosis or restriction on eligible types of cancer is a broad solution for a problem not yet abundantly demonstrated in Georgia.” He also notes high profile opposition to the bill from The Association County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Municipal Association. Georgia is one of 13 states lacking a cancer presumption for firefighters. Ohio and Connecticut are close to passing presumption bills in their current Sessions and Idaho passed one recently.

Read more from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution here and from WorkCompCentral (paid content) here.

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