In national news:

ProPublica/NPR added to its “Insult to Injury” Series on workers’ comp with a look at a recent report assessing opt-out plans by the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions. The Association focused on Oklahoma, which instituted opt-out after an overhaul of its comp system several years ago. Opt-out has been the subject of constitutional challenges in the state, as have other aspects of the new law. According to NPR, the report found that injured workers could and do benefit from opt-out when benevolent employers voluntarily provide generous payments and act in the “best interests” of employees. However, little or no state or federal oversight, fewer state-mandated benefits and extensive employer control “[afford] the darker possibility of minimal statutory benefits, stringent claims determinations, and a dispute process that seems unfair to claimants.”

Read more from NPR here. Access the IAIABC report here.

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