In national news:

A study recently released by the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) ranks all 50 states and Washington, D.C., based on rates that were in effect Jan. 1, 2014. Oregon itself had the ninth least expensive rates in 2014, and DCBS recently announced that Oregon workers’ compensation rates would decline further – an average 5.3 percent – in 2015. California, the largest workers’ compensation market in the country, also had the highest rates at $3.48 per $100 of payroll. North Dakota was the lowest at $.88 per $100 of payroll. Louisiana is the tenth most expensive state for workers’ comp coverage at $2.23 per $100 of payroll, this is higher than all of our surrounding states except for Oklahoma.

Read the study summary (with map delineating states by rates) here.

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