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An Orlando police officer diagnosed with PTSD after carrying shooting victims’ bodies out of the Pulse nightclub will likely be unable to file a workers’ comp claim. Gerry Realin, 36, was a first responder the morning of June 12th, 2016, when 49 people were killed at the club by gunman Omar Mateen. Telling the Orlando Sentinel that he still sees “all the red” and that he has used all of his available leave, the situation is calling Florida law into question, which does not reimburse under workers’ comp for psychological injuries. Realin, a 12 year veteran of the force who is part of the Orlando police hazmat team called in after the tragedy by the FBI, is in counseling to treat his PTSD and went through the department’s Employee Assistance Program. The psychologist to whom he was referred put him on “no work” status.

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