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The Department of Labor held a meeting yesterday in Washington D.C. to discuss two new reports, one from its own office and another from the National Academy for Social Insurance (NASI). Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez praised the teams for their work, which highlights the erosion of benefits in the past several decades and the potential need for a new National Commission on workers’ comp. Such a federal commission has not been held since 1972. Due to the issues cited in the reports regarding benefit adequacy, a panel of experts discussed what potential role the federal government should have in regulating state workers’ comp systems. Most agreed that states will continue to design and operate their own plans, but that further research on the national level is necessary. Panelists continually referred to and denounced the “spectre of the vanishing employer” as a major contributor to legislative efforts to limit or eliminate certain benefits. Local attorney Chuck Davoli was a member of the research panel for the NASI report. The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) and the American Insurance Association issued statements in response to the report, saying that some of the criticism is excessive.

Download the DOL report: DOL Workers’ Comp Report 2016

Download the NASI report: NASI Workers’ Comp Report 2016

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