In national news:

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services released its biannual Premium Rate Ranking and Louisiana remains in the middle category at $2.11/$100 payroll. Significant changes from the 2014 study include Texas’ drop to the lowest premium rate category (under $1.50/$100 payroll) and Oklahoma’s rise to the middle category to $2.23/$100 payroll. The other states in our region remained basically steady. However, it appears that the ranking does not consider Florida’s recently approved 15 percent increase. Oklahoma’s rates could also rise by the next study, as it faces ongoing legal challenges to the constitutionality of its relatively new administrative comp system. This even after the state’s controversial “opt-out” provision was struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Overall, Louisiana comes in at No. 10 in the list of 51 (all 50 states plus D.C.) jurisdictions, the same as it did in 2014, but lowered its “percentage of the median” score to 115 percent as compared to 120 in 2014.

Download the study: Oregon Premium Study 2016

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