In national news:

The GOP contingent of Congress revealed their long awaited bill to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) and some experts say there could be cost-shifting consequences for workers’ comp. The new plan, called the American Health Care Act, removes the individual mandate and has been analyzed as better for young and wealthy Americans as compared to the ACA. In a presentation at the WCRI conference in Boston prior to the reveal, former U.S. Rep. Harry Waxman said uninsured individuals under a reduced healthcare safety net will seek healthcare under various social programs including workers’ comp. According to coverage by Joyce Famakinwa with Business Insurance, Waxman said workers affected by a repeal of the ACA “will have to buy a very high-deductible insurance and may not be able to afford it because we are going to take away the tax breaks, the subsidies that we have used to help people who couldn’t afford their policy.”

Get the rundown on the new bill’s main points from Vox here.

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