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In a new post, Jon L. Gelman, an attorney based in New Jersey, addressed a potential rise in occupational disease claims if President Trump’s penchant for deregulating high risk industries persists. Gelman writes: “Things may radically change for the worse as the Trump Administration goes forward with its announced intention to dismantle environmental regulation now in place and placed on-track for enactment during the former Obama Administration.” Citing Trump’s claim in his 1997 book The Art of the Comeback, in which he stated that he believes the banning of asbestos was an attempt by politicians to indirectly crack down on the Mafia, Gelman goes on to say that with an anticipated “return to manufacturing jobs in the US [under Trump], there remains to be seen whether there will be a resurgence of occupational disease claims and fatalities in the US, as a result of the continued work-related exposures to such toxic substances such as asbestos.”

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