In national news:

ProPublica/NPR released a new report about the state of workers’ compensation in America. This time, investigators focused on a Florida fraud law that has led to the deportation of undocumented injured workers. As the outlets report:

“…judges and lawmakers nationwide have long acknowledged that the employment of unauthorized workers is a reality of the American economy. From nailing shingles on roofs to cleaning hotel rooms, some 8 million immigrants work with false or no papers nationwide, and studies show they’re more likely to get hurt or killed on the job than other workers. So over the years, nearly all 50 states, including Florida, have given these workers the right to receive workers’ comp. But in 2003, Florida’s lawmakers added a catch, making it a crime to file a workers’ comp claim using false identification. Since then, insurers have avoided paying for injured immigrant workers’ lost wages and medical care by repeatedly turning them into the state.”

Read the entire piece here.

Note: The ProPublica/NPR team published a separate series in 2015 about problems in comp called “Insult to Injury” that was similarly critical and sparked conversation across the industry about best practices and image problems.

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