In national news:

Right on the heels of the NPR/ProPublica report which strongly criticized the reduction in workers’ comp benefits and resulting cost-shifting to taxpayer-funded programs, OSHA released a report entitled “Adding Inequality to Injury: The Costs of Failing to Protect Workers on the Job.” The report discusses workers’ comp injuries and their potentially devastating consequences from a safety/prevention perspective. The federal regulators explain the impetus of the project in dire terms: “The costs of workplace injuries are borne primarily by injured workers, their families, and taxpayer-supported components of the social safety net. Changes in state-based workers’ compensation insurance programs have made it increasingly difficult for injured workers to receive the full benefits (including adequate wage-replacement payments and coverage for medical expenses) to which they are entitled. Employers now provide only a small percentage (about 20%) of the overall financial cost of workplace injuries and illnesses through workers’ compensation.”

Read the report from OSHA here.

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