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An American doctor who served with Médecins Sans Frontières in Guinea has tested positive for Ebola and is being kept in isolation at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. The doctor, Craig Spencer, MD, had returned from Guinea Oct. 17 and had passed through the enhanced screening protocol in place at JFK airport. He had no fever or symptoms during his trip or at the time of arrival, the CDC said. However, despite the fact that he was likely not contagious at the time of his travel, the CDC is working to trace Spencer’s contacts. Over the course of the current Ebola outbreak, Europe and the U.S. combined have had 17 cases, all but three of them originating in West Africa. Of those, four have died – Thomas Eric Duncan of Liberia, two Spanish missionaries, and a U.N. medical worker who was treated in Germany. Of the remaining 13, 10 have recovered and four – Amber Vinson, Nina Pham, Spencer and a doctor in Germany – remain in treatment.

In other Ebola news, drugmakers are looking for some kind of indemnity from governments or multilateral agencies against possible losses or claims arising from the widespread emergency use of new Ebola vaccines in Africa.

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