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The NFL won final court approval of a $765 million settlement of ex-player head-injury claims. This is despite widespread criticism that the money still falls short of just compensation. The decision ends almost two years of negotiations over head injuries and associated illnesses, after the league agreed to changes sought by U.S. District Judge Anita Brody. The class action suit involves about 20,000 former NFL players and this approved settlement was agreed upon by most of them. While the NFL’s settlement is valued at $765 million, there is no cap on a $675 million compensation fund in the deal. The NFL also removed a cap on a $75 million fund for medical monitoring. The league estimates it will have to pay no more than $900 million, according to court records analyzed by Bloomberg. Attorneys for the players indicated that if no appeals are filed, compensation would begin to be paid out this summer. The NHL, FIFA and the NCAA have faced similar accusations of mishandling player head injuries.

Read full coverage from Bloomberg via Insurance Journal here.

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