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A high profile case out of Kentucky is getting national press coverage as a small Appalachian town sues Purdue Pharma, the makers of blockbuster opioid OxyContin, for effectively destroying their town and wiping out a generation. It is worth noting that despite many attempts, Purdue has never been brought to trial over issues related to OxyContin abuse. Purdue is currently accused in a civil suit filed by the state of Kentucky of actions that helped create addiction on a sweeping scale. Many of the abusers went on crime sprees to feed their OxyContin habits and ended up in jail, in public treatment facilities, or dead from overdoses, the state alleges. The company denies all claims. If successful, the case could result in a $1 billion judgment against the company.

Read the long-form feature on the case and OxyContin history of success and abuse here.


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