In national news:

South Carolina state Representative David Hiott has introduced H 4197, which seeks to create the South Carolina “Option” or “opt out” program to workers’ compensation. Fellow Representative Bill Sandifer, Chairman of House Labor, Commerce, and Industry committee, and Representative Craig Gagnon are co-sponsors. In its announcement, the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation (ARAWC) states that the South Carolina bill provides for comparable benefits as compared to traditional workers’ comp. ARAWC is based in Texas and promotes the expansion of opt out to other states, including in Tennessee’s Legislative session, where the measure failed over concerns about equitable benefits. The recently enacted opt out program in Oklahoma has also faced intense criticism over its appeals processes and 24 hour injury notification requirements. ARAWC bills its opt out legislation as a “competitive pressure,” rather than a replacement for, workers’ comp.

Read the release from ARAWC here.

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