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In the longest sting operation in Drug Enforcement Aministration (DEA) history, federal agents apprehended more than 200 pharmacists and doctors across Southern states, including Louisiana, in connection with “pill mills” and opioid diversion. The year-long investigation spread throughout Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. According to a WWL-TV report, Louisiana accounted for more than 77 arrests. The accused include doctors, pharmacists, clinic managers and employees, as well as customers. The DEA alleges that they either wrote or bought prescriptions for cash. The majority of them were on the Northshore, where agents say the business sometimes operated within legitimate doctor’s offices and clinics, while others were masked as just another door in a strip mall. Also, during the Louisiana raids, the DEA seized more than $300,000 in cash and more than $1 million in property, including homes, and froze eight bank accounts.

Read local coverage here and national coverage here.

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