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Pennsylvania is furthering the national trend of opioid management in comp via a statewide focus of health. Governor Tom Corbett recently signed into law Senate Bill 1180 and House Bill 1846, fulfilling recommendations developed by the Heroin and Other Opioids Workgroup that he convened in May to address the heroin and opioid prescription drug abuse problem in Pennsylvania and completing the final piece of his “Healthy Pennsylvania” plan. SB 1180 establishes the Achieving Better Care by Monitoring All Prescriptions Program (ABC-MAP) database within the Department of Health. This electronic data monitoring system will maintain a record of controlled substances that are prescribed and dispensed in the commonwealth. HB 1846, the comp specific portion of “Healthy Pennsylvania,” reforms the practice of physician dispensing in the state’s workers’ compensation system to save Pennsylvania employers approximately $13 million annually in the cost of their workers’ compensation premiums.

Read the full release from WorkCompWire here.

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