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The children of former Motorola factory workers in Illinois are suing the company for their mothers’ exposure to toxic chemicals, claiming that they suffered birth defects and health problems as a direct result of gestational exposure. Marisa Ayala, 22, is the lead plaintiff in the July 16th action against Motorola Solutions in Cook County Court. She sued along with her parents, one of whom worked for Motorola at its semiconductor-manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, from 1980 to 2001. Three other children of former Motorola workers are also named as plaintiffs along with their parents. The plaintiff-mothers were all pregnant while working for Motorola and claim that they were using “known or suspected teratogenic, genotoxic and/or reproductively toxic chemical products.” Motorola had a safety program in place at the referenced period of time, but the company did not have any programs addressing birth defects. The plaintiffs suffer from knee, leg, wrist and hip deformities, Down’s Syndrome, and ADHD, among other ailments.

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