In national news:

An audit released by the U.S. Department of Justice found that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been paying federal workers’ comp benefits to informants for about 40 years without proper oversight. According to a Business Insurance report, the audit released Tuesday by the Office of the Inspector General reveals that the DEA paid 17 confidential sources or their dependents Federal Employees’ Compensation Act benefits totaling more than $1 million from July 1st, 2013, to June 30th, 2014, alone. In some cases, the DEA has been paying federal workers’ comp since 1974. The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act is designed to provide benefits to federal employees and postal service workers, but confidential informants likely fall outside of the law’s scope. The report states that unclear DEA recordkeeping has made the total historic cost indiscernible, but that “significant taxpayer dollars have been expended.”

Read full coverage from Business Insurance here.  Access the audit in full (FECA issues found on pages 24-33) here.

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