In neighboring fraud news:

A Tulsa County Oklahoma man pleaded guilty to two felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud after charges were brought by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. The 20-year-old was injured at the car dealership where he worked after being stricken by a vehicle driven by a co-worker. He was treated for injuries to his back, left leg, hip and tail bone, but was discovered and videotaped playing golf during a scheduled doctor’s appointment. Pruitt’s office has offered the claimant a five-year deferred sentence and ordered him to pay more than $7,000 in restitution. Both the orthopedist and the physical therapist working with the injured employee stated that his movements on the golf course were inconsistent with his presentation in their offices. A 30-year-old woman also pleaded guilty to workers’ comp fraud charges yesterday in Tulsa County and was given a two-year deferred sentence and ordered to pay $597.30 in restitution to cover the court costs of a deposition in which she lied.

Read full details from the Oklahoma AG’s office here.

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