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The Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Texas has upheld most of a $780,000 jury verdict against a Texas nonsubscriber, minus $100,000 for future mental anguish. The case stems from an accident in 2010 in which Joseph Favalora, while working for Katy Spring & Manufacturing Inc., attempted to free a bundle of large-gauge wire used to make springs, and the wire hit him in the chest. Company safety training had instructed workers to “run away” if the wire escaped. Favalora was later diagnosed with a bruised chest, a neck sprain and cervical radiculopathy. He received treatment for long-term chronic neck pain and numbness in his arm, and eventually had spinal surgery in March 2013. Favalora then sued Katy Spring for negligence. A jury awarded him $779,627 in 2013 for various claims, including past medical expenses, lost earning capacity, future physical pain and suffering and future mental anguish. Katy Spring appealed on the basis that Favalora was the sole cause of his own injuries and because the lower court had excluded evidence of Favalora’s past illegal drug use, to no avail. The appellate court ruled unanimously in Favarola’s favor.

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