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U.S. District Chief Judge Jorge A. Solis issued an order earlier this month to override a confidential settlement that would have re-directed nearly $600,000 away from a class of 32 intellectually disabled former employees of Goldthwaite, Texas-based Hill Country Farms Inc., according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In May 2013 a federal jury in Iowa had returned a verdict of $240 million against the company and owner, agreeing that Hill County Farms discriminated against the employees. The jury found that for years during their employment, the intellectually disabled men went unpaid and were subjected to substandard living conditions, restrictions on personal freedoms, denial of medical care and harsh discipline, as well as verbal and physical harassment. The illegal treatment was due primarily to the workers’ vulnerability as persons with intellectual disabilities. At the time, the verdict was the largest in the history of the EEOC, which brought the case, but was later reduced to more than $5 million.

Read further coverage via Insurance Journal here. Read the release from the EEOC here.

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