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Claimant attorney fees in Florida have decreased again for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, according to OJCC Judge David Langham. The Florida Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims (OJCC) will release the official annual report on December 1st. Judge Langham reports on his blog: “For  the sake of historical perspective, each Annual Report provides data for several years. In 2002-03 about $210,660,738 was paid in attorney’s fees for representing injured workers in Florida. Over the last 11 years, the payments to claimant’s counsel have decreased with reasonable regularity. There was one year, 2003-04 when claimant fees increased some (2.21%), and there was one year, 2012-13, when the decrease was minimal (-.63%). But the overall trend has nonetheless been downward. In 2013-14, the total was $141,858,184. Claimant fees were paid in 34,518 instances last year. The average fee was $4,109.69; that is when the total of $141,858.184 is divided by 34,518, the result is $4,109.69.” Langham also notes the median claimant attorney fee in Florida for 2014 which is equal to $4,109.69.

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