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U.S. Attorney John Parker of the Northern District of Texas announced charges against several individuals linked to a pill mill scheme in Dallas. Seven people are associated with the current indictment, but the release notes that numerous other defendants were charged in the conspiracy in previous indictments. Five have pleaded guilty, and the remainder are set for trial on June 16, 2016. As part of the conspiracy, individuals who were homeless, or of limited means, were recruited to pose as patients at certain medical clinics to obtain prescriptions for oxycodone and hydrocodone and fill those prescriptions at designated pharmacies. The recruits were typically paid a fee, such as $30. Recruiters would organize the recruits so that another individual would pick them up and transport them to and from the clinics.  The drivers or the script ringleader would typically pay the recruiters a small fee, such as $15, for each person they recruited. Drivers or script ringleaders would coach recruits on what to say inside the clinic to obtain the specified prescription. Drivers or script ringleaders paid for the recruits’ clinic visits.

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