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A Florida appeals court has struck down a state law that restricted a police officer from paying a law firm to help her pursue workers’ comp benefits. On Wednesday, the First District Court of Appeal ruled that it was unconstitutional for police officer Martha Miles and her union, the Fraternal Order of Police, to be prohibited from paying a retainer and hourly fees for legal representation in a workers’ compensation dispute with the City of Edgewater and an insurance carrier. The decision by Judge Brad Thomas explains: “(We) conclude that, to the extent these statutes prohibit a workers’ compensation claimant (or a claimant’s union) from paying attorney’s fees out of their own funds for purposes of litigating a workers’ compensation claim, these statutes are unconstitutional, because they impermissibly infringe on a claimant’s rights to free speech and to seek redress of grievances.”

Read more here. Read the decision here.

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