In neighboring news:

A divided Oklahoma Supreme Court has overturned another part of Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation law. The issue at hand in Brandon Gibby v. Hobby Lobby was missed doctor’s appointments, and the challenged provision involves the worker’s forfeiture of all benefits when he or she misses two or more appointments. Under the statute, inability “to get transportation to or from the appointment is never an extraordinary circumstance or valid excuse.” The justices determined that this violated the Grand Bargain essential to workers’ compensation and struck it down. Bob Burke, attorney for Gibby, in emailed comments to Louisiana Comp Blog, called the decision “an especially important victory for working Oklahomans,” adding that “for a worker living from paycheck to paycheck, a dead battery or old car is a valid excuse.”

Download the case here: OK Supreme Court_Gibby v Hobby Lobby 10.2.17

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