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The Texas House Business and Industry Committee, tasked with evaluating how well the state’s voluntary workers’ comp system is doing in terms of employer/employee satisfaction, stated that it lacked the necessary data in key areas to perform an analysis. The Texas Division of Workers’ Comp estimates that about 470,000 workers in the state are employed by a non subscriber who does not offer an alternative benefit plan. Regarding this population, the Committee report states, “We have no information on the rate of injury for these employees, severity of this group’s injuries, the costs and who covered them, whether the employees were able to return to work, whether injuries were permanent, whether the employee had to turn to public assistance, whether the employee had to pay expenses himself, or even what industries [the injured employees might be] concentrated in…” The Committee has recommended that the DWC perform a more detailed survey of non-subscribers generally, both those who offer alternative benefits and those that do not.

Read coverage from WorkCompCentral (paid content) here. Read the report here.

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