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The Texas 7th District Court of Appeals has affirmed a $5.3 million liability judgment against a Texas workers’ compensation non-subscriber deemed negligent by failing to provide a reasonably safe work environment. In West Star Transportation Inc. v. Charles Robison,Robison suffered a traumatic brain injury while working for Lubbock-based West Star in April 2007. According to court documents, Robison fell headfirst from an unevenly loaded flatbed trailer. Robison and his wife, Cherie Robison, filed suit in January 2009 seeking damages. There was a failed settlement agreement which led to a jury trial and a final award including $3.7 million for past and future medical care, $1 million for past and future physical pain and mental anguish and $400,000 for Cherie Robison’s past and future loss of consortium, as well as additional payments for Robison’s loss of earning capacity and physical impairment.

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