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The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that workers’ comp is the exclusive remedy for a permanently disabled former refinery employee and his wife, who had contested the treatment of his claim over the course of ten years. Coverage from Business Insurance cites the couple’s chief complaint as the discouragement, delay and denial of benefits durign the last decade. The claimant, Glenn Johnson, worked for Asarco LLC, a mining, smelting and refining company, and suffered third degree burns in 1998 that covered more than half his body. Treatment eventually resulted in amputation of his left arm below the elbow and impairment in the use of his right hand. The compensability of the claim was not disputed but the benefit levels were. The Supreme Court explained in its decision that Johnson’s wifes planned litigation could also not go forward because it arose from the comp claim and the TPA’s conduct.

Read full coverage from Business Insurance here. Read the decision here. Access all court documents related to this case here.

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