In neighboring news:

Legislation has been filed in Texas to require the Texas Department of Insurance to study “non-subscriber” employers, but only those which do not offer alternative benefit plans. According to a WorkCompCentral report, the sponsoring legislator, Representative Rene Oliveira, is awaiting proposed language for an amendment to HB 2587 that would explicitly exclude from the study employers that opt-out and provide some substitute benefits. Staff for Rep. Oliveira, who is Chairman of the Texas House Business and Industry Committee, confirmed that the new language is expected to be available soon and that both industry and labor sides of the workers’ comp equation agree that the TDI study needs to be performed. The study as proposed would have three major parts:

  1. Identify which industries make up the largest proportions of non-subscribers
  2. Gather reasons for non-subscription from those industry employers
  3. Determine the extent to which injured workers of non-subscribers depend on public funds for treatment and wage loss

Read full coverage from WorkCompCentral (paid content) here. View full information about the bill via Texas Legislature Online here.

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