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Oklahoma Governor Fallin has accepted the resignation of Troy Wilson Sr., the first chairman of the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission. His resignation is effective May 31st. The governor named Dr. LeRoy Young, of Oklahoma City, to replace Wilson on the commission beginning on June 1st. Fallin also named Mark Liotta, a former state representative from Tulsa, to succeed Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Denise Engle, whose term expires in August. The state Senate must approve both appointments.

The Workers’ Compensation Commission in Oklahoma is comprised of three individuals. Robert H. Gilliland is the third and will remain in service. Oklahoma recently overhauled their state system: creating the Commission, changing benefits, and incorporating an opt-out provision, all of which have been mired in controversy. According to an Insurance Journal report, Wilson cited the extreme difficulties of starting a new state agency and associated “poor legal advice” as reasons for his resignation.

Read full coverage from Insurance Journal here.

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