In pharmacy news:

The introduction of abuse-deterrent, extended-release hydrocodone products and the rescheduling of hydrocodone combination products (HCPs) will have a significant impact on the pain market, according to a new primary market research study by Pain Insights, Inc. The study was conducted among primary care physicians and other key specialties prescribing hydrocodone combination products. The report assesses the market changing events of the anticipated adoption of an abuse-deterrent, extended-release hydrocodone product, based on a detailed product profile, and how more stringent Schedule II  regulations will impact prescribing of hydrocodone combination products. Key findings include the 85% of physicians that expressed an interest in prescribing an abuse-deterrent, extended-release hydrocodone product. Practitioners also reported that rescheduling will alter their prescribing of these opioids by significant percentages for the treatment of acute/chronic pain and have a resultant effect on the use of alternative medications.

Read the release from Pain Insights here.

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