In pharmacy news:

A new study from Coventry Workers’ Comp Services has discovered decreased utilization of opioids and increased use of NSAIDs and other treatments for pain in its claims, suggesting that system reforms have had an effect. Specifically in the opioid arena, the Coventry “First Scripts Drug Trends Analysis” (which uses 2015 data) found that cost per claim for opioids fell 0.5 percent, a separate cost per script increase was mitigated by a 7.5 percent decrease in utilization, and Morphine Equivalent Dosing (MED) declined 1.8 percent – the third consecutive annual decrease. Utilization of anticonvulsants, a drug class apart from opioids and NSAIDs often used to treat chronic pain, increased in managed claims, probably to compensate for the decrease in opioid prescriptions.

Download the report: Coventry First Script Drug Trends report

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