In reform news:

A new CWCI/WCIRB study appears to show the desired fee decreases for ambulatory surgery centers under California’s landmark reform bill SB 863 (adopted in 2013.) Average facility fees paid to ASCs for treatment have declined 27 percent per episode in the state and 29 percent per procedure since the mandated fee schedule changes. The findings, which confirm preliminary results published last year, show cost reductions under the ASC fee schedule adopted by the state slightly exceed the WCIRB’s 2012 estimate of a 25 percent reduction in ASC costs. This new study calculates and compares the average amounts paid for workers’ compensation outpatient surgery services rendered in the year preceding the adoption of the revised fee schedule (2012) and in the first 18 months after the revised fee schedule took effect (January 2013 through June 2014.)

Get more details and access the study via WorkCompWire here.

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