In regulatory news:

The CDC and OSHA issued guidance for protecting outdoor workers, health care and laboratory workers, mosquito control workers and business travelers against occupational exposure to the Zika virus. According to the guidance, employers and workers in health care settings and laboratories “should follow good infection control and biosafety practices (including universal precautions) as appropriate,” to prevent or minimize the risk of Zika virus transmission. Standard precautions include hand hygiene and the use of personal protective equipment to avoid direct contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials, including laboratory specimens/samples. Laboratories should also ensure that their facilities and practices meet the appropriate Biosafety Level for the type of work being conducted. The CDC continues to recommend that healthcare workers use standard precautions during patient care, regardless of suspected or confirmed Zika infection status. As of this week, U.S. states have reported 388 travel-associated cases of Zika virus.

Read the guidance in full here.

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