In research news:

A new study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has found that paid work is the most significant determining factor for sleep deprivation in the U.S. The researchers concluded that, “paid work time is the primary waking activity exchanged for sleep and suggests that chronic sleep loss potentially could be prevented by strategies that make work start times more flexible.” AASM also found that the “exchange” was true among nearly all sociodemographic categories. Compared to normal sleepers, people who reported sleeping 6 hours or less worked 1.55 more hours on weekdays and 1.86 more hours on weekends or holidays, and they started working earlier in the morning and stopped working later at night. The highest odds of being a short sleeper were found among adults working multiple jobs, who were 61 percent more likely than others to report sleeping 6 hours or less on weekdays.

Read a full overview of the study from AASM here.

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