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A newly released study from NCCI looks at medical services provided within the first two years after workers’ comp joint injuries. The study quantifies differences in treatment patterns by state for joint injuries and found wide variation among states in the utilization of services to treat joint cases as measured by the average Cost at Common Fees (CCF) per case. NCCI organized the data into cohorts based on the particular joint and included knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow cases. In every case, researchers found that surgery and physical medicine show the greatest variation in CCF across states. However, the CCF for diagnostics is comparatively consistent across states, and utilization differences across selected states are driven more by differences in the treatment for given diagnoses than to the mix of diagnoses. Overall, elbow and shoulder injuries had the widest spread. NCCI pulled numbers from every jurisdiction in which it operates, including Louisiana, for this study.

Access the study here.

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