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WCRI released a new report about the use of long term opioids in nonsurgical workers’ comp claims – Louisiana had the highest rate among the 25 study states. The study found that one in six workers in Louisiana were taking long term opioids for the treatment of their injuries in the 2012/2014 period. The number was one in ten for the next closest states in the rankings: New York, California and Pennsylvania. However, WCRI notes that it defined “longer term opioid use” as based on the number of visits during which an opioid prescription was filled between the seventh and twelfth months postinjury. Had morphine equivalent dosage been used as the standard, Louisiana’s numbers would have been closer to New York’s. Overall, about 17 percent of claims in Louisiana had long term opioid use, as compared with about ten percent in Pennsylvania, New York and California.

Purchase a copy of this study here.

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