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The National Safety Council (NSC) released a list of the best and worst prepared states to handle the opioid crisis; Louisiana is in the middle of the pack. The NSC used six key indicators to measure which states have taken steps to counteract the opioid crisis in its report, Prescription Nation. Indicators include: requiring continuing medical education for prescribers, expansion of PDMPs and naloxone access, and closing the treatment gap to allow for easier access to medication assisted treatment (buprenorphine), among other measures. No state has met all six indicators of preparedness. Louisiana (along with neighbors Texas and Arkansas) is in the “lagging behind” category, with three indicators met. The three successful indicators for Louisiana are: eliminating pill mills, allowing physician and pharmacy delegates into PDMPs, and allowing naloxone (Narcan) to be prescribed with a standing order.

Read more via Safety News Alert here. Download the full report: NSC_Prescription Nation 2016

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