In research news:

The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) released a new study, Hospital Outpatient Payment Index: Interstate Variations and Policy Analysis, 5th Edition, that compares hospital outpatient payments across states and monitors the impact of fee schedule reforms – Louisiana and Wisconsin are at the top. Dr. Olesya Fomenko, co-author of the study and economist at WCRI, explained: “This report found that hospital outpatient payments per surgical episode varied significantly across states, ranging from 69 percent below the study-state median in New York to 142 percent above the study-state median in Alabama in 2014.” Variation in the difference between average workers’ compensation payments and Medicare rates for a common group of procedures across states was even greater—reaching as low as 27 percent (or $631) below Medicare in New York and as much as 430 percent (or $8,244) above Medicare in Louisiana.

Purchase the study here.

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