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WCRI released a new physician dispensing study (using data from 2011-2014) in which Louisiana was well below the median of the 26 study states, in terms of frequency. As the authors note, “in Louisiana, approximately nine percent of all prescriptions were dispensed by physicians. Although the overall frequency was lower in Louisiana than in most states reported on this measure, it met the threshold we set for reporting.”

Because physician dispensing in Louisiana was below 10 percent, WCRI did not include the state in many of the tables and charts, which had a 10 percent threshold throughout the “Patterns of Physician Dispensing” section. A comparative table of the study state laws and restrictions regarding physician dispensing shows that Louisiana requires licensure for the practice, unlike states with very high frequency like California. Louisiana also puts a 48-hour limit on physician dispensing for controlled substances, reducing the risk of physicians profiting by increasing a patient’s dosage of dangerous medications like opioids.

Purchase a copy of the study via WCRI here.

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