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A new WCRI study examines the prevalence and trends of longer-term dispensing of opioids in 26 state workers’ compensation systems, including Louisiana. It also documents how often the services (i.e., drug testing, psychological evaluation and treatment, etc.) recommended by treatment guidelines were used for managing chronic opioid therapy. Louisiana’s change in prevalence of longer-term opioid dispensing was the highest of the study states, increasing just over 1 percent in the claims data. The authors note:

“In Louisiana, the prevalence of longer-term dispensing of opioids peaked in 2011/2013 at 18.4 percent. The figure decreased slightly in the two subsequent years. However, the frequency of longer-term dispensing of opioids was still high relative to the other study states – approximately one in six injured workers with opioids was identified as receiving longer-term opioids.”

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