In safety news:

For the 25th year, AFL-CIO released its report, “Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect.” The report analyzed worker fatality data and found some trends in U.S. workplace safety. The organization estimates that 150 workers die everyday from hazardous working conditions. Among the findings:

  • Older workers are at an increased risk of fatal injuries. Thirty-five percent of all fatalities in 2014 occurred in workers age 55 or older. Workers 65 or older have three times the risk of dying on the job.
  • Latino workers are also more at risk on the job. There were 804 Latino workers killed on the job in 2014, and 64 percent of them were immigrants.
  • The oil and gas industry is among the nation’s most dangerous. The fatality rate for the industry is five times higher than the national average, and states with prominent oil and gas industries are among the most dangerous places to work.
  • Workplace violence is a growing problem, and women and healthcare workers are frequently targets. Women and healthcare workers suffered 66 percent of lost-time injuries related to workplace violence.

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