In safety news:

Restaurant Opportunities Center United, (ROC) along with thirteen other workers’ and women’s rights and labor organizations, has published a new report on sexual harassment in the workplace and has found the issue to be hugely under-recognized. The report, The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry, found that 90% of women in restaurant jobs that depend on tips report being bothered at work by some form of sexual harassment. ROC also emphasized that sexual harassment is twice as common in states where the tipped minimum wage is at its absolute lowest federal level at $2.13 (Louisiana falls in this category.) The problem also affects workers across the gender barrier, especially within the authoritative dynamic: two-thirds of women and half of men report sexual harassment by a restaurant supervisor, manager or owner.

The whole 40 page study examines the incidence of multiple sexual behaviors that workers were exposed to from management, from co-workers, and from customers, measured through nearly 700 surveys of people who are currently or recently worked in a restaurant, along with focus groups conducted in Houston, New York, New Orleans, and Washington, DC.

Read the ROC’s overview and download the report for free here.

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